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Light Commercial Repair

The Complete Light Commercial Repair Service You Can Trust.

At Refreshed Heating and Cooling, we can fix your light commercial package unit no matter what model it is or who you bought it from.

We have the ability to schedule your air conditioning repair quickly. Refreshed Heating and Cooling has experts on staff that can get it done right the first time.

Keep the air conditioning, heating, and air handler all in one packaged set on the exterior of the building
Place the unit on a flat roof to save even more space
Range of lifespans from 5-20 years contingent on proper maintenance

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  • How Long Do Rooftop Units Last?
  • What Are The Benefits of Commercial Rooftop Units?
How Long Do Rooftop Units Last?

The lifespan of rooftop HVAC systems ranges from 5-20 years, depending on the maintenance they receive. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your investment if you follow manufacturer specifications.

You may find a newer model is more energy-efficient and more cost-effective than your current commercial package and rooftop units. A new system might be worth the cost if energy savings outweigh replacement costs.

What Are The Benefits of Commercial Rooftop Units?

Commercial rooftop units and package units are becoming increasingly popular with businesses of all sizes. As a result of their many features and space-saving components, they can be used in a variety of building styles.

  • Packaged rooftop units keep any disruptive sounds away for a peacefully quiet experience inside your facility.
  • The convenience of having all the components on one roof makes these units easy to maintain.
  • The components of a commercial packaged unit are moved off the ground to a more efficient location on the roof away from any foot traffic.
  • By using the outdoor air to cool the indoors, rooftop units keep the indoor temperature low. By doing so, the building can be better ventilated and the humidity can be controlled more effectively. This also means that it uses less refrigerant than a standard HVAC system, requiring less from the motor.

Light Commercial Repair by Trusted Technicians

Most homeowners don’t realize that they can have an air conditioning and heating system without ductwork. Additionally, you can complement your existing ducted heating and air with ductless systems. Northern California’s climate is ideal for ductless mini split heat pumps. Our relatively mild climate and summer cooling needs make heat pump technology a good choice.

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